Member: Annie
very helpful
Jan 13 2015
Member: nikica_84
Dr. Zia has been a tremendous help, excellent doctor.
Jan 11 2015
Member: Sam
Very knowledgable and great explanations. Will definitely be returning again.
Jan 4 2015
Member: Eugene
Great awesome! Really helplful!!
Dec 23 2014
Member: Chad
Simple candor and very friendly. Helpful with my health concern
Dec 22 2014
Member: marina
Great humane doctor.
Dec 13 2014
Member: Billfish
as usaual sound advice that will give you relief!!!
Dec 9 2014
Member: Nasib1990
Thanks doctor for everything you do for me may Allah bless you
Dec 8 2014
Member: User_rqrska
Great service. Very professional and objective.
Dec 4 2014
Member: Casey
nice conversation
Nov 27 2014

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