Member: User_kqx3ta
Patricia is the go to person for me whenever I need help, support, and good ideas. 6 out of 5 stars !!
Nov 24 2015
Member: User_kqx3ta
She is invaluable to my health over the years. She is the best you can find :)
Oct 3 2015
Member: Sara231
I'm a bit lostf or words, but this lady is amazing and knows how to listen and how to help.
Aug 27 2015
Member: Shanah
Very open to talk about difficult subjects. Does not shy away from uncomfortable topics!
Aug 27 2015
Member: Shanah
Asked good questions that allowed me to calm down, put things into perspective!
Aug 10 2015
Member: mcmile
Great listener. Gets how you are feeling. Responds kindly.
Jul 29 2015
Member: Tom
Patricia is an exceptional counselor and I have spoken to a few including a couple of psychiatrists. She is very non-judgmental and is not fazed by anything that you share with her. I highly recommend her for anyone needing someone to talk to about their problems.
Jun 16 2015
Member: poison
Very understanding, she was more open with me that I anticipated. Usually counselors are more guarded. She helped me to keep moving forward.
May 30 2015
Member: Alyson Rhoads
May 27 2015
Member: Shanah
Really interesting insight, very helpful and kind!
May 27 2015

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