Member: Tom
Patricia continues to amaze me with her openness and insight. She knows how to cut through the fog of my feelings and get down to the heart of what is really bothering me. Most importantly, she provides practical step by step solutions to help me to deal with my problems.
May 9 2015
Member: DyerMaker
Incredible session!
Apr 18 2015
Member: Alyson Rhoads
There isn't anyone who understands my mind as well as she does..
Apr 13 2015
Member: Neil
Thank you
Apr 2 2015
Member: Tom
I have chatted with Patricia many times for the past 6 months. She definitely lives up to her synopsis regarding her approach to counseling. I would highly recommend her to anyone. I have chatted/spoken to other counselors the the site - one only once and another one about a half dozen of times. Patricia is by far the best in my opinion.
Mar 14 2015
Member: ahmed jaf
She is my drug of Choice :) Just wonderful.
Mar 13 2015
Member: ahmed jaf
No one can help me liek she does, always awesome.
Mar 11 2015
Member: ahmed jaf
Awesom as always, she takes all teh preassure out of my life, you won't regret talking to her.
Mar 7 2015
Member: ahmed jaf
Great advicer and great listener.
Mar 7 2015
Member: Tom
I have talked with Patricia several times over the last several months. She is an outstanding counselor that has helped me with so many issues. I highly recommend her for anyone needing someone to talk to.
Mar 4 2015

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