Member: Mari
I feel much calmer and very relieved now. Donna has a great way of making one feel loved and welcome and safe.
Mar 18 2015
Member: Ahmed
Good listener
Feb 7 2015
Member: User_rvieit
She pointed me in the right direction.
Jan 21 2015
Member: Candice
sorry ran out of funds
Jan 5 2015
Member: MaidenArcher
she really helped me through my issues. i can tell you for sure that I am not an easy patient because my mind swims through irrational decisions. but she helped me realize what is important and what I should do. thankyou so much for your help ms. davis :)
Dec 24 2014
Member: User_q5jxur
Easily understood and common sensical.
Dec 5 2014
Member: User_wuzt7e
Donna is a nice, supportive and compassionate person that helped and guides me in the session and addressed my questions clearly and to the point. I really recommend her for counseling and support. Thanks again Donna.
Nov 20 2014
Member: chrisjlat
Donna was good at teaching breathing exercises to help relieve anxiety. She was cognisent of time so she made sure not to spend too much and cost the customer.
Nov 15 2014
Member: User_jywrtz
After talking with Donna and telling her my concerns, all while she was listening and our session ended. She got back to me by email and made an insightful observation that I really needed to hear and rest my mind on. In another follow up email she gave me an unconventional way to get different things done as well as give reassurance of my goals.
Nov 4 2014
Member: User_ngz37a
Great info about relaxing and good tips as well.
Nov 4 2014

  * Only ratings given for paid sessions are counted.