Member: kcgg3000
I ran out of funds, but there are so many things I want to talk to you about. He and I still have some financial ties. Don't even know how to unravel. Somethings I have stepped back from and let them go. But I feel like a failure I miss him. And as you have said & I hope to believe time heals all wounds. Hope to talk to you again soon.
Sep 19 2012
Member: kcgg3000
Thank you Dr. Fearrington. At times I feel like there is something wrong with me. Why can't I let this go? Thank you for letting me know that my emotions are normal.
Sep 19 2012
Member: Polar 2
Nov. 21st, 2010 12:41 am I will try Dr. Nathan Fearrington suggestions if I can! I do not think it will change ! I was a reader,Now I just can't get into it anymore, NOT EVEN GOD'S HOLY WORD, NOR SPIRIT OF PROPHECY! And I have tried to defend myself, but to no availe[sp]!!!!everythi ng he said is good! if he talked to my family, he would believe them over me, because everyone does, because I am the mental , angry, forgetful old person!!! but I will try
Nov 21 2010
Member: eve
Was really good, listend well, setup weekly appt.
May 15 2010
Member: adam
very helpful
May 10 2010
Member: User_w8cc7f
The Doc told me exactly what I needed to hear!
Feb 18 2010
Member: thinkaboutit
so fair
Feb 13 2010
Member: marianina8
Wow, great ....I hope he's right :) We will see tonight...
Feb 2 2010
Member: mrspress
I feel better...that's the point right
Dec 6 2009
Member: bjruby72
Caring..and pure. If you need an honest males point of view..stop in here
Oct 31 2009

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