Member: pxavier91
Kathleen Finnegan is an outstandingly empathetic coach and is honest in a way that is extremely beneficial and truthful. She gave me constructive and positive ideas to build on, and that's where I believe I have benefitted from her therapy the most.
Jul 29 2015
Member: Mar
she is helpful and understanding, I can talk more!
Jun 27 2015
Member: User_f7nr4f
Really got to the point and made me think about my problems
Jun 24 2015
Member: cgotter
Super! Covered so much so quickly!
Mar 26 2015
Member: Blathnaid
Great techniques I will try, thanks Kathleen!
Mar 23 2015
Member: User_fchcdc
Very easy to talk to , understnad the situations, and not waste time ..
Feb 25 2015
Member: NinaC
Kathleen waited for me to form my answers and quickly answered, knowing where to take the conversation (in chat). I felt like she really listened and gave me the encouragement that I needed.
Feb 10 2015
Member: wouldliketoachieve
Kathleen is a very warm and caring human being who competently relaxes and guides you. Thank you Kathleen! She has helped me more than I can ever express my gratitude for.
Feb 1 2015
Member: mjs8185
Great listener.
Jan 9 2015
Member: User_ctfk49
Omg I loved this session but I'm not done!
Jan 6 2015

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