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OptimaLife Solutions Coach

OptimaLife Solutions Coach Away
Expert in:
Coaching & Personal Development

Personal, Professional, Honest, Compassionate & Committed to helping you move toward the optimal life you want and deserve.


Degree in Human Development & Family Studies, Secondary degree in Psychology, Certified Faith- Based Counselor (FBCTI), Family Life Education Specialist & Professional Personal Development Coach; Member, Center for Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP), Member, International Society for Mental Health Online (ISMHO)

My Expert Service

Photobucket Congratulations on taking the first step toward YOUR optimal life! Together, we will: 1). Identify barriers to your success 2). Create workable solutions toward your progress, and 3). Celebrate your victories along the way. I am committed to helping you succeed in various areas of your life. I offer a caring, attentive and nonjudgmental approach to helping you move forward. I personally understand the benefits of having a life coach. After a period of being "stuck" in my own life, I discovered that it was extremely difficult to make the necessary changes on my own. I needed someone to "walk the journey with me" and to encourage me when I felt like giving up. After several months of being coached, people close to me began to notice significant changes in my attitude, confidence level and general outlook on life. My relationships flourished. I was happier and more peaceful. I even lost weight as a result of working with my coach! It was then that I made it my personal mission to help others reach their goals, boost their self-esteem and confidence and live more positive and productive lives. My desire is to help others move toward the optimal life that every single person deserves, no matter what. My current and former clients describe me as competent, caring, and solution-focused. If you are ready to make positive changes in your life, I'm ready to help. Your Optimal Life Awaits!!! Photobucket

Experience & Qualifications

I have worked with individuals and families in the mental health/behavioral health field for over 15 years- partnering with community and faith-based agencies and as a private consultant. For the past 5 years I have worked with a community-based counseling agency that helps people cope with life transition issues. As President and Founder of OptimaLife Solutions, LLC, I help people get "unstuck" in various areas of life. My primary concentrations in the area of Coaching are: Interpersonal Communication, Stress & Anger Management, Family & Peer Relationships, Self-Esteem & Confidence Coaching, Grief, Loss & Life Transitions; and Spiritual Growth & Renewal. I am also a published author of inspirational literature and motivational media resources. I am a workshop facilitator and periodically do motivational speaking on a variety of topics. Some of my other activities include: Director, Horizons Life Enhancement Ministry; Founding Editor, HeartSongs Magazine; Coordinator & Facilitator, Singlessence Support Group; Contributing Writer, Reflections Magazine and LifeToolsforWomen.com; Creator of the F.O.C.U.S. Model for Coaching; and Organizer of the Real Beauty Self-Esteem Workshop.