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Computers & Programming

I'm a Web Architect, a Software Methodologist, and a Design Pattern Enthusiast in a wide variety of enterprise business applications. Url: google.com/profiles/mguadalupe

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Bachelor of Computer Science / Computer Systems Design and Programming

My Expert Service

My experience ranges from a project I alone developed all the way to architecting the PHP framework and coding a large chunk of a project.I am confident in being able to handle a project in PHP of virtually any scale across several industries and can easily help deliver high performance results. Always interested in developing rich usable interfaces, API development(Language Independent) & integration, that I am accountable for the architecture design, co-coordination and the successful implementation and providing solutions to SMB/SME companies. My area of interest is Databases, Data Structures, Object Oriented Programming, Design Patterns, Algorithm and Operating Systems. I have done extensive work in PHP, MySql, PostgreSQL, AJAX, Ruby on Rails, Flash, Datawarehousing, Data minning. I can solve any problem in efficient and convenient way using easy to understand algorithms. I have a firm grip on the concepts of linear algebra, Probability & Statistics, Algebra, Geometry, calculus and set theory. I have not only command over field of Computer Science but also i have a firm grip on Mathematics related fields.

Experience & Qualifications

Please see my LinkedIn profile for my Experience and Qualifications: http://www.linkedin.com/in/adobe