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Nurse Jules

Nurse Jules Away
Expert in:
Pregnancy & Childbirth

Need pregnancy advice or answers? 10 yrs OB experience which include prenatal care,labor and delivery,postpartum and babe care.My favorite thing to do is teach everything OB!


practical nursing license from Warrensburg School of Nursing: Was number one school for LPN training for15 years including 1991, my graduate year. Was 2nd in my class.

My Expert Service

Most of my duties in all three of the hospitals I worked in were in what's called "mom/babe" care. I teach breast-feeding, infant care, post-partum care, diet for home, & home care instructions for both on dismissal day. I also took care of and taught premature labor patients and pregnant women having routine perinatal monitoring and testing,as well as women dealing with pregnancy disorders. It often calms people when they are given all the correct information about their specific situation and why teaching became my forte: to comfort those mothers & fathers who were worried. Knowledge is power is the saying! :)

Experience & Qualifications

1991-1994 Golden Valley Memorial Hospital Clinton, Mo 1992-1999 351st Med Gp Whiteman AFB MO 1997-1999 Warrensburg Medical Center ObstetricsDepartment in each hospital All facilities Level 1 are with appromately 30-50 delieries a month. Since the departments, being in hospitals that were small;but well equipped, especially the first two years of my training, I was taught to perform many tasks that are considered by larger hospitals only an RN's duties. For instance, I admit a labor patient for either a regular or c-section delivery, start IV, administer meds, perform vaginal checks, and set up with the doctor insrtuments for carried out the delivery. Post-partum care of course followed. I feel fortunate as an LPN to have had supervisors with guts to let me learn and perform to my fullest.