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Moree Design

Moree Design Away
Expert in:
Web Design

20 Years Professional Experience in Graphic Design and Web Application Development - Adobe Creative Suite:Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript, CSS3, HTML


Bachelor of Fine Arts - Commercial Art / Illustration: Central Missouri State University (1993-1998)

Computer Science Certification: Ozark Technical College (2008-2011)

Maya 3D Certification: Wichita State University (2002-2003)

My Expert Service

PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME FOR HELP WITH HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS. Over 20 years of professional experience in graphic design (print and web), illustration, web design, web applications, front-end and back-end user interface design, C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript | Ajax | JQuery, HTML5, CSS3. Flash, mobile device application design (Mono for Android, Iphone, and Ipad development), and e-commerce.

Online Portfolio: http://www.moreedesign.com

Experience & Qualifications

Jason is a web developer with a creative and graphic design talent complimented by skills in back-end programming. He has created applications with desktop and mobile interfaces that streamline company work-flow and processes. Throughout his career he was worked with clients, stakeholders and other developers to design, program and launch projects. He is continually building his toolkit with technologies that streamline the SDLC..


Technical Summary

Software: Visual Studio 2010, Adobe Creative Suite 6: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premier, Dreamweaver, Flash, Quark Xpress, Maya 3D, Lightwave 3D

Development: ASP.NET / C#, ActionScript 3.0, HTML / CSS / JavaScript, XML

Platforms: Wordpress, SharePoint

Data: MySQL, SQL Server 2008, SQL


Recent Projects in web development and design:


Chris's Tractor Repair

  • Using SQL Server 2008, developed a database that stored tractor detailed data, administrative and user login information, and order-form data.

  • Coded database connections within Visual C#.

  • Developed site wireframe within Illustrator and saved graphic elements out separately.

  • Graphic and verbiage elements were formatted within the web page content using CSS.

  • Created design elements with Adobe Illustrator vector tools.

  • Edited images with Adobe Photoshop and converted graphics to jpg, gif, or transparent PNG files.

  • Used Javascript to create a home page slideshow

Vitran Express

  • Created GUI interface elements per request from other development team members in a development workflow environment

  • Maintain and develop web sites and user interfaces using ASP.NET, Visual Studio, C#, and Adobe Creative Suite.Created design elements with Adobe Illustrator vector tools.

  • Assist co-programmers by providing graphics for their programmatic designs.

  • Application and web page development to be applied to Android devices such as Galaxy 7 Tabs, as well as computer desktops.

  • Duties also included developing and maintaining Sharepoint content.

  • Used Javascript to identify the device format to be used upon page load

DTY Direct

  • Created html page layouts within Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and sliced them to generate standards-compliant HTML and CSS

  • Worked with HTML5 and JavaScript to embed video content for email blasts and web site content.

CCH Site Builder
  • Created and maintained websites, added functionality based on the clients' needs.

  • Designed Splash pages using Adobe Flash and coded in JavaScript and HTML

  • Established links and interactivity using ActionScript 3.0 and JavaScript.