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M. Haider

M. Haider Away
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I can offer my services in fields of creative and literary writing, essay and report writing, paper writing and writing the website's content,features and articles.


M.A in English Literature and Language and doing my thesis for the next program.

My Expert Service

I have a very rich teaching experience in English language and literature. Recently I am working a school as a head of the institution in my home town. I have studied literature not just from a student's point of view but with a deeper interest and innate ability to perceive what is there the actual point of view. I have been teaching literature and language to A and O levels for one year during my studies in the university to meet my study needs. I have a spontaneous and acute ability to pierce into the abstractness the language offers, the way it is being applied to the other disciplines as well and the stylistic variations the language owns behind the rich treasury of commonly used patterns. Also, I have studied literature from pre-renaissance to the modern trends onwards. The difference about me is the mastery over the stylistic variations of the language when handling any topic being discussed.

Experience & Qualifications

A rich teaching experience of about 10 years at school and college level. I have an inborn and inherited ability to teach and guide students as my father had been a teacher by profession and I have not experienced any profession other than teaching till now.