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Psychic advisers help you make connections to your inner self by transcending your physical existence. By looking above and beyond what is measurable in space and time, psychics can lead you through a process of self-discovery. Learn your ultimate connection with the world, identify the external factors that help and hinder your progress, and bring your body and soul together.

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A Glossary of Spiritual Terms

  • Affirmation: a form of autosuggestion in which one meditates on a statement of desirable intention or condition
  • Ancient Wisdom: a set of universal laws that enable one to control one's own reality; akin to metaphysics or occultism
  • Chakras: energy nodes in the body
  • Clairvoyance: ability to see things
  • Clairsentience: ability to feel/touch things
  • Clairaudience: ability to hear/listen to things
  • False Self: the ego or personality observed by others
  • Higher Self: the eternal, conscious and intelligent being within that one seeks to connect with through meditation
  • Manifesting: the belief that one can make something come true on a physical level by force of will, desire and focused energy
  • Mantra: word/words repeated (silently or aloud) to induce an altered state
  • Qi: life force, or spiritual energy, that connects all living things
  • Self-Realization: full contact with the higher self; the full knowledge of one's true self