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Thousands of people are looking for online counselors to help them through addictions, relationship issues, eating disorders, trauma and many other issues. Now more than ever, you can meet those needs while earning income online as a professional counselor. As technology advances, more and more qualified professionals are using the internet to find a career working at home as a professional counselor. Professional Counseling jobs online are available through LivePerson's reliable, highly reputed platform, which provides an excellent way to acquire new clients, reach a wider range of people searching for professional counselors, and connect with them in a way that's flexible, innovative, and most of all works with your schedule. You'll make more money by putting your counseling services to work online. Work from home, on your schedule, while LivePerson does all the marketing to your clients and drives traffic to your online counseling profile. Reduce or eliminate office rent costs by working from home on your own PC!

How does it work?
When you sign up as one of LivePerson's Professional Counseling Experts, you'll be asked to create an online profile where you list your counseling qualifications, education, specialties and any other information you'd like those in need of online therapy to know about you. You'll indicate the means of communication you'd like to use (chat, voice, or email) and upload a photo so online counseling seekers can get to know you. Then your profile will appear in the list of available online counselors, and people can search for you by your counseling specialty or keyword. The more you're online, the more clients will find you!

LivePerson uses "Been Verified," a third-party verification service, to ensure that all professional counselors are licensed and in good standing, giving clients a high level of comfort and security and ensuring that you'll be in good company as a LivePerson Counseling Expert! Connect with your clients via instant online chat, email, or using LivePerson's Voice Connect feature, putting you in touch with a wide range of people seeking online counseling while you work from home. Best of all, LivePerson has a large member base and is a public company that can be trusted to pay on time and provide support.

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