Negative feelings don't have to control you. This month, our focus is on finding healthy ways to challenge some tough issues, like finding forgiveness and dealing with the dreaded "empty nest" syndrome. Get great advice from our great Counseling Experts!

Ten Tips to Deal With Empty Nest Syndrome

by Expert Kristin Cavins

After caring and tending to your kids from birth through adulthood, it’s only natural to have feelings of loss and grief when they leave the family home. Kids provide so much satisfaction, the ability to give love unconditionally, and for many parents a true sense of purpose in life. So when your beloved child heads off to college for the first time, gets married, or flies out of the nest, mixed emotions are naturally experienced. Here are ten tips for managing this milestone as parents and coming out of this transition on top!

Practicing Forgiveness

by Expert Ryan Kappel

Forgiveness is generally something that we think of giving someone, like a gift. Most people would consider how they have been ‘wronged,’ and then determine whether or not that person is worthy of their forgiveness depending on if they have done enough to earn forgiveness. Then we typically say something like, “I can forgive, but I can’t forget,” which is really saying, “you’ve earned it but I still don’t trust you.”

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