Virgo love horoscope

by Chrisalis



Because of Neptune's influence in your relationship area this year you may find love will be on your mind from the start of the year and may not let up... which sounds like a pleasant change from the work you usually throw yourself into. However, keep in mind Neptune is the planet of disillusionment and you are a sign of mental clarity. The saying "rose-tinted glasses" may be something you wish to pin to your mirror and reflect on each morning when it comes to your love life this year. The new moon in your relationship area on March 11 gives you a shot at a fresh chance in love, especially as it is closely followed by Venus and Mars travelling through your relationship area at various times in February and March. You may wish to use these months to bring in some changes to a relationship that is stale, and if you are single make yourself more available socially as you find your chances of finding a partner have suddenly increased. Come July everything heats up for you again with Venus in your own sign from July 23 to August 16, quickly followed by Mercury from August 23 to September 11. This will give you a good solid grounding in what you want in your love life and the ability to communicate this to your partner just in time for a full moon in your relationship area on September 19. This full moon gives you a chance to get clear in your mind what you want and also shines a light on what you need to do to get what you want in a relationship. You have done the groundwork and now it is time to put plans in motion and reap the rewards. From October 16 to December 7 Mars is in your own sign and we all know what that means... work, attention to detail, pushing yourself harder than you should... oh, and did I mention working far too hard at the expense of everything else in your life (including your love life)? Hmm... now there's something to think about.


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