Sagittarius love horoscope

by Chrisalis



No doubt you already know that Jupiter has been travelling through your love area for the past six months or so and you still have another six months, up until June 26, of your ruling planet bestowing its benevolent gifts upon you when it comes to matters of the heart. Interestingly, as Jupiter's departure from your love area approaches, a few other major love planets come racing into your love life and I would view these as a kind of "send off" gift just in case you needed a little extra help in getting that man or woman of your dreams. Yes, I know, Sagittarians are known for their dreams, ideals, inspirations and sheer good luck but it never hurts to have that extra bit of help on your side when it comes to love. Around May 26 to 29 Venus aligns with Jupiter in your relationship area, quickly followed by Mars on June 1. During the next few weeks your love life will improve dramatically, quite possibly putting your head into a spin over what you should do next. Don't worry about that, just jump right in and do what feels right at the time... I'm not giving advice to a Sagittarian... as I said before luck is on your side. Towards the end of the year Venus enters your sign from October 8 to November 5, which puts you back into your usual devil-may-care attitude to relationships. You may wish to take notes on these few weeks though because right as Venus leaves your sign Jupiter turns retrograde in an area of your chart that implies secrets come out. I am giving advice now because these will not be any small innocent secrets, they'll be upfront, in-your-face secrets that could find even you running for cover. December 17 finds a full moon in your relationship area shining brightly on your love life and quite possibly further exposing some hidden truths. I've spelt things out very clearly for you so if you are considering anything that you think you won't get caught on... think again, because the end of the year could come early for you in the form of fireworks that are not lighting up the sky in many different colors but lighting up your indiscretions in love... with a bang!


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