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Love Compatibilityby Azzrian Visions
Who are you most compatible with?
Check out our love personality guide for a complete profile of each sign's traits when it comes to love and relationships.

Aries love compatibility

Mar 21 • Apr 19

Taurus love compatibility

Apr 20 • May 20

Gemini love compatibility

May 21 • Jun 21

Cancer love compatibility

Jun 22 • Jul 22

Leo love compatibility

Jul 23 • Aug 22

Virgo love compatibility

Aug 23 • Sep 22

Libra love compatibility

Sep 23 • Oct 23

Scorpio love compatibility

Oct 24 • Nov 21

Sagittarius love compatibility

Nov 22 • Dec 21

Capricorn love compatibility

Dec 22 • Jan 19

Aquarius love compatibility

Jan 20 • Feb 18

Pisces love compatibility

Feb 19 • Mar 20


Pisces Love Compatibility

A dreamer and a truly good soul at heart, the Pisces can easily let him or herself down because their dreams are far better than their realities. Pisces is a trusting soul, and while intuitive and sympathetic to others, can easily be an escapist, secretive and vague.

Pisces’ Outlook on Love:

If ever there was a dreamer of the most fantastic type of romance movie, the Pisces has the story written, directed, and produced! Pisces can sometimes put so much effort into the thought of how to have the perfect romance that he or she may get lost in the plot and forget to play it out!

Pisces’ Romantic Side:

When the Pisces does follow through in acts of romance, you can expect something surreal, the perfect picnic by a flowing stream, a fireside retreat, a romantic row in a gondola -- anything extreme. However, the Pisces is elusive in nature and many times can flake out on romance by not being able to carry out the very things they desire.

What Turns on Pisces:

Movies, Poetry, Literature, Mystery, and Mystique! For the Pisces, you need to appeal to his or her dramatic and dreamer side and not downplay their desires to them, as they do not take well to criticism and will go off on their own to dream alone if you cannot dream with them.

Pisces Plays Nice With:

Another Pisces and especially Scorpio!

Pisces Should Stay Away From:

Pisces does not fair well with Aries, Gemini, Leo, or Virgo.


All sun signs have similar traits but no two of any sign will be exactly the same. A full chat would need be run in order to determine your love signs most realistic traits. Male and female of the same sign also have different traits as well. The articles above are simply an overview. For more detailed information on your love mate please see one of our astrologers.

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