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John russell

John russell Away
Expert in:
Financial Planning

Financial Accounting, Management/Cost Accounting, Strategic/Business Management, Org.Behavior, HRM, Marketing, Marketing Plans, Business Plans, SWOT/PESTLE analysis,Assignment


MBA in Finance and Banking

My Expert Service

Management & Cost Accounting: Budgeting Costing All types of Decision Making Variance Analysis Performance Appraisal Working Capital Management Project & Network Analysis Techniques for Cost Reduction Cost Estimation & Forecasting Cost Assignment Process Costing Present Values Job-order Costing ABC Costing C-V-P Analysis Standard Costing Cost Behaviour Decision Making Lease or buy decision Make or buy decision Absorption and Marginal Costing Capital Investment Decisions Make or Buy PERT analysis Economic Order Quantity and Linear Programming Quantitative Methods....... Financial Accounting: Journal Entries Book keeping Drafting Financial Statements Balance Sheet Profit & Loss Account Cash Flow Statement Understanding of adjustment entries Depreciation Basic Accounting Concepts Single entry accounting Double entry accounting Rectification of Errors Bills of Exchange Partnership Bank Reconciliation Statements Capital & Revenue Expenses Debentures Share Capital Ratio Analysis Contract accounting Joint Ventures Understanding and Application of all Financial Reporting Standards, IFRS (International Accounting Standards, IAS)....... Financial Management: Project Appraisal/Capital Budgeting NPV IRR Payback, Discounted Cash flows Financial Analysis Dividends Decisions Cost of Capital Compounding, Discounting Security Valuation Portfolio management Risk minimization Risk free investments Behavioral finance problems Growth and Value of Stocks Business Valuations Interpretation of Financial Statements All types of Business Finance Decisions and case studies of Strategic Financial Management Lease and Tax Accounting....... Management: Human Resource Management Marketing Management and International Business Management....... Statistics: I can solve all type of question relating to Differentiation Integration Logarithm, Series and Progressions Regression and Correlation Measures of Central Tendency Measures of Dispersion Mean, Median, Modes Standard Deviations....... Economics (Micro & Macro): Consumer Behaviour Factors of Production Markets Perfect Competition Monopoly Duopoly Monopolistic Competition National Income Measures International Trade Taxation Central Banking Demand Supply curves and all questions relating to Micro & Macro Economics and all theories of economics Organizational Behaviour and Business....... Communication: Motivation and Leadership Conflict and Negotiation Organizational Culture Organizational Change Stress Management Attitudes and Perception Management Roles Individuals and Groups, etc....... Business Communication: Components of Communication Problems in Communication

Experience & Qualifications

I have good knowledge as well as practical experience in the field of financial planning. I have vast knowledge on the professional subjects including financial accounting, cost accounting, strategic financial management, business finance decisions, Auditing, corporate governance, Corporate, human resource management, marketing management, strategic business management, behavioral management, taxation and other subjects related to the field of accounts, business & finance and good practical experience of industry.