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The Expert Messenger

In order to provide your expert services to LivePerson members via Live Chat, you need to download and install the FREE Expert Messenger software. To download the Expert Messenger, login to your LivePerson account, and click the "Download Software" link under the Professional Tools section of your My LivePerson Menu.

Click on the “Download Now” link, and in the file download box, click on “Open”. The LivePerson Expert Messenger Setup will commence after about 30 seconds.

Follow the online instructions to install the software. Once the installation is completed, you will be prompted to login to the Expert Messenger using your email and password. If you are the only one using your computer, we recommend checking the “Remember my password” check box. Doing so will enable the Expert Messenger to launch itself automatically each time you connect to the Internet.

If other people have access to your computer, leave the check box unchecked. From now on, the Expert Messenger will prompt you to enter your email and password, each time you login to your computer and an Internet connection is established.

Once you are logged into the Expert Messenger, the LivePerson icon will appear in color in your system tray at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. A “Contact Live” button will appear next to your expert profile on the website, and LivePerson clients will be able to contact you for Live Chat.

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