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I Think I Was Overcharged

As all real charges correspond to specific paid session fees, we suggest that you check your Billing section to confirm that the questionable charge does not correspond with a session (or sessions) you conducted. If the questionable charge is not found, it is possible that the ‘overcharge’ is in fact not a charge at all, but rather a preauthorization.

In order to avoid unnecessary charges, a method called preauthorization is often used in cases to verify that a credit card is valid. The classical example of such a situation is when booking a hotel, where the final fee may be different from the initial estimated fee (e.g. if you stay another day). Sessions on LivePerson are similar, in that it is often impossible to tell beforehand what the final session fee will be. For example, when you start a live session, the final session fee cannot be determined until after the session is finished.

During the preauthorization process, our system contacts your bank and asks it to reserve a certain amount to be used when the session is completed. This amount, although not a real charge, may appear on your credit card statement as a pending charge. At the end of the session, when the fee is final, your card is charged and the payment is taken from the reserved (preauthorized) amount. The preauthorized amount is automatically cleared within a few days, depending on your bank’s specific policy.
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