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Managing Your Email Communication Preferences

You can easily manage the emails and notifications that you receive from us by setting your email communication preferences to suit your needs. Below are the five types of emails that you may receive from us as a LivePerson client:

1. Mandatory updates regarding your LivePerson account
In order to ensure that your account functions properly at all times, we may need to occasionally contact you with important announcements, updates, or when an action is required on your part.

2. Notifications of new messages from LivePerson experts
In order to be informed as soon as you receive a message from one of our experts, we give you the option to receive notifications of every new message an experts sends to you.

3. Notifications of responses to your Posted Requests
In order to be informed as soon as you receive responses to your Posted Requests, we give you the option to receive notifications for every expert response to your question. Please keep in mind that when Posting a Request in certain categories you can expect to receive a large number of responses from our experts.

4. LivePerson's Newsletters
To bring you news, tips, updates and showcases of our selected experts with specialties in various fields, we send out monthly newsletters.

5. Coupons, discounts and special offers
We occasionally send coupons, discounts and special offers that we truly believe you would be interested in.

You may choose which of the above types of emails you wish to receive from LivePerson. "Mandatory updates regarding your account" is the only type of email that cannot be disabled. Manage your email communication preferences now or access this link at anytime by clicking the "Communication Settings" link under the Account Details section your My LivePerson Menu.

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