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Expert in:
Electrical Engineering

Consult a University professor for Mentoring and Tutoring in Electrical Engineering.

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-PhD in Electrical Engineering with Specialization in Adaptive Power Control for Wireless Fading Channels

- Master of Philosophy(M.Phil) in Electronics

- Master of Science (M.Sc) in Electronics

- Diploma in IT

- Special Certificate in Teaching

- Diploma in German Language

- University Professor

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My Expert Service

I am a University Professor and have supervised a large number of students in the completing the tasks related to writing. I possess 5 years experience of teaching , research, and developing industrial strength projects. I have written a number of writing contents and can provide instant help in the following realms:

Subjects Expertise

Digital & Analog. Communication Systems.

- Digital & Analog Electronics.

- Microwave Engineering

- Antenna Theory and Design

- Communication Engineering

- Information Theory

- Probability Theory, Random Variables, & Stochastic Processes

- Error Correcting Codes

- Wireless Sensor Networks

- Stochastic Simulation

- Microprocessor & Micro-controller Architecture

-Computer Architecture

- Signal & Systems

- Numerical Methods

- Control System

Resarch Interests

- Power Adaptation over Wireless Fading Channels

- Transceiver Design for Wireless Fading Channels

- Adaptive Modulation and Data Rate Adaptation

- Channel Estimation and Characterization for Wireless Communication

- Interference Cancellation Power Optimization Algorithms for Wireless Networks

- Enhancing Battery Life Algorithms for

Experience & Qualifications

- PhD in Electrical Engineering

- Five years Research and Teaching Experience at University Level.

- Have Accomplished a lot of Projects online and offline

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