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I know that Fashion is all about you, creating your own style and feeling good in it. Get READY FOR THE HOLIDAYS NOW! FAST TYPER!!!


• Associate bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Designing
• Fashion Retail Management

My Expert service covers all of the following and more!

~Right make up for you with tips and techniques

~Right brand suggestions for you

~Natural approach for a beautiful body

~At home spa treatments

~Herbal rituals for a beautiful face and neck

~Herbal massages, body wraps and skin treatments

~Herbal bathing rituals

~Total hands, feet and nail care

~All about personal hygiene

~Skin care for sun worshipers and sunless tanning

~Hair care essentials and pro advice

~Hairstyle advice and suggestions

~Aromatherapy- right treatment for you

~Eye treatments

~Lip treatments

~Skin treatments- Dry, normal, oily or combination

~Facials- A non-surgical  approach towards wrinkles

~Cellulite treatments- non-surgical

~Stretch marks treatments- non-surgical

~Wardrobe makeover

~Look thinner, taller, etc with right clothes

~Colour suggestions

~One area advice( Skinny jeans, accessories, etc

~Make the latest celebrity trends work for you

~Custom made advice for your body type

~Finding your personal style

~Adopting a lifestyle for looking fabulous

My Expert Service


Looking and feeling your most beautiful means pampering all of you. It takes total approach, encompassing mind, body, and spirit, to be truly healthy and glowing. Simply set aside time for yourself is a big step in the right direction.

Make up is about highlighting your natural beauty, whether its playing up your eyes, creating the perfect palette or perfecting your complexion you want to find make-up that’s right for you. With my help you will gain a new understanding of make-up discovering what’s best for your color and complexion and learn the tips and techniques to create looks with confidence!!!
Whether you want to create the perfect look for a prom night, a big date, an interview, a romantic evening or simply a daytime look, look gorgeous anytime, anywhere with my easy to follow up to date fashion and beauty tips. Create the most expensive looks with just a fraction of the cost.

Learn to do your own makeovers with the inspiration of your favorite celebrity and infusing their fashion styles and make up in your own personality and everyday lifestyle. I can help you create your own fashion style keeping in mind the latest trends which will be suitable to your age, lifestyle, body shape and budget. If you hide from the crowd just because you feel like you won’t fit in because of your sweatshirts and baggy pajamas you have been wearing and having low confidence level, I can help you to set a foot out of that dilemma and stand out in the crowd.
This makeover will not only change your style but also your life with clothes that fit, skin that glows and confidence level through the roof. From simple skin problems to complicated beauty questions I will answer them all.


The must have beauty essentials and much more, you ask and all the answers are here. I will provide you with easy to prepare at home spa treatments which luxuries and relaxes you for all types of proble

Experience & Qualifications

I have worked as a fashion, style and beauty expert in many fashion houses and have a lot of runway experience from L.A. fashion shows to Paris Haute couture.
I have spent a huge amount of time directing makeup artists, and correcting models' looks backstage at the last minute.
Apart from my other job, I am currently working as a fashion and beauty advisor for Kasamba/Liveperson since April 2008.
Now, I am dedicated to help fashion victims around the world and help them makeover their lives forever.


Email sessions: 


• Skin care-Beginning charges for one area start from $25 per session.
• Beauty Makeovers for $50 and above
• Hairstyle makeovers and suggestions with hair care tips for $50
• One area fashion makeover for $50
• Full make-up advice for $50 and above
• Body treatments, techniques and advice for $50 and above
• Other areas- depends on the amount of content of the session

*Prices are negotiable.

    Online Hours:

    I stay online wherever I am from my mini laptop 20-24 hours a day!