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Making Faces

Making Faces Away
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Cosmetologist and beauty expert! Get a wonderful head turning look without wasting a fortune. Learn how to show the beauty from within. Flatter your skin color and personality


Cosmetology degree

My Expert Service

Want a look that is completely you? But completely new? I am here to give you advice and help you with my tricks to the trade. Make-up is made to accentuate your beauty not to mask it and make you a different person. Let m say that I believe there are no rules when it comes to makeup, besides the obvious: Don’t put lipstick in your eye,” etc. … Experts seem to be popping up everywhere with strict dictates and “philosophies” that frighten people into thinking there is only one way to wear makeup that is “acceptable” and “normal” The future will belong to those with open minds and open hearts, who can appreciate beauty in all its forms.

Experience & Qualifications

Worked with many clients in M.A.C and Avon as well as my own business