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BA, MA, Professional Relationship Coaching Certification

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For many women and some men, being in a long term 3 - 12 year dating relationship, before marriage is not an option, nor is it necessary (for them) when marriage is both their short and long term goal. If dating to get married is your goal, I can help you with a Strategic Dating Plan with a Commitment Blueprint, and dating assignments. I am willing to conference with you and your partner, too, by phone! Is she or he the right one for you? Get your questions answered, now! Maybe, you have not been on a date for months, years, or never! However, this top rated Dating and Relationship Expert can help you to gain confidence, sharpen your communication skills, and learn new ones! I will answer your questions, and be a mentor for you, too! Together, we will identify and put the spotlight on exactly what you may do to improve your chances of attracting and/or keeping the type of person that you are looking for, in your life.! I will coach you, answer your relationship questions, and offer solution focused suggestions. My focus will be on helping you to be more comfortable in putting forth your best effort to attract men/women that match your interests and needs. Your sessions will be solution focused on improving your relationship skills. Sessions may focus on questions to ask a potential partner, how to tactfully answer personal questions, and /or how to behave in ways to be clearly understood and heard! Concerned about sexual issues, too? You have come to the right coach! I have over 25 years of experience consulting with individuals and couples, as a Sex Therapist, on human sexuality dysfunctions,. fetishes, taboos urges, performance, and gender concerns. I am supportive, caring, and you may connect with me by chat. email, and phone! No subject is off limits. Don't be shy, contact me now! My sessions are enlightening and uplifting! You may talk to me confidentially about whatever is on your mind and heart, as you talk and I listen. We can have comfortable, open, adult discussions, during the day, evening, night, or early morning, to suit you schedule. Bring your dating, love, and relationship questions to me for advice! Whether you are ready to start a new relationship, rebuild trust in your current relationship, slow down a relationship break up, and/or avoid a separation, I am available to mentor, and help you! Listed, here, are some of the topics that we may discuss in session: Long Distance Relationships Senior Dating Sex and Intimacy Single Parenting College Dating Commitment Compatibility Dating With Herpes and Other STDs Interracial Dating Just for women Just for the Guys You may be coming out of a long term relationship, and need someone to confide in, and get some things off your mind. You may be interested in getting married but your partner just needs a little nudge? Yes, we can discuss ways to get your partner move your relationship to the net level of commitment! You may phone or chat with me at a time that suits your schedule, day or night. I am only a click away. If I am unavailable, just email me, and I will get back to you! Non-judgmentally, I am here to talk to you about ANYTHING. Come as you are: as an individual or a couples! My advice, guidance, tips and techniques may SPARK YOUR RELATIONSHIP BACK TO LIFE! GAIN THE CONFIDENCE TO date smarter and strategically, too! Bored, lonely, or alone? Chat with me now!

Experience & Qualifications

I am a Certified Life and Relationship Coach, an experienced Sex Therapist, and Author. I am open minded and nonjudgmental. I can talk you through a break up, advise you on what to do and say on a date, and design a "commitment blueprint" that you can follow to help you to weed out time wasters, and players, too! Allow me to prepare an Individualized dating success plan for you! Are you thinking about marriage? be sure to ask me about developing your very own Commitment Blueprint (for you and your partner), before you say I do!! Are you nervous about getting back into the dating pool, again, after being in a long term relationship or marriage? Don't be! Allow this top rated (5 star outstanding rated) expert to be your personal coach and mentor! Contact me, now!