Jed C. Ivory, MA

Jed C. Ivory, MA Away
Expert in:
Personality & Emotional Disorders

Professional Counselor and Therapist Experienced In Crisis Intervention Can Help You Manage and Relieve Emotional Distress



My Expert Service

I am a Licensed Professional Conselor(LPC) in private practice. I provide comprehensive individual therapy, group therapy, and consultation to a variety of clients in the more traditional face to face setting of my Full Service office. I also offer more limited care in in less traditional settings through my Outreach Services. These services generally cost less and are most useful for those in need of less comprehensive assistance. The settings employed in Outreach Services include Internet Chat sessions and E-Mail consultations among other possibilities. You can access some Outreach services through my virtual office here at Kasamba.

I would be pleased to work with you towards a resolution of what ever issues or concerns you may be experiencing. we can, together, make things happen. I hope to hear from you soon!

Experience & Qualifications

I have over 25 years experience in the field of counseling. I have experience with substance abuse, chronic mental illness and crisis intervention. I have conducted staff development training and have teaching experience at the graduate level.

My philosophy and approach is generally comprehensive with the flexibility to adjust to the clients needs. I recognize the importance of the whole person and I offer genuine caring and support to my clients. My holistic perspective results in an open mind and a willingness to to be eclectic in how I approach problems and issues with people. I expect to work hard together with my clients toward a positive resolution of problems and issues. I try hard to give my clients encouragement and empowerment for their own wellness. I work with my clients in the role of "Trustworthy Consultatnt" to them in their work to find mental health throughout their journey in life.