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Matilde Zayas-Cruz, Ph.D., Psychotherapist

Matilde Zayas-Cruz, Ph.D., Psychotherapist Online
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Expert in depression and situations. Besides helping you understand the reasons behind your problem or difficult behaviors, I will give you tools to help you solve them.


Ph.D. in Clinical Christian Counseling,(2008)St. James the Elder Theological Seminary, M.S. Developmental Counseling,(1984) St. Thomas University, M.S. in Psychology,(1986) Miami Institute of Professional Psychology, B.A. in Psychology (1982) St. Thomas University.

My Expert Service

I have worked as a psychotherapist for the past twenty six years. The core of my practice is to help the client find their true self and understand the basic problems of their depression, anxiety or anger management issues. The climax will be when they learn to "Love" themselves and be at peace. I am experienced in working with domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, Homosexuals and Lesbian issues,substance abuse, sexual and physical assualt issues. I have worked with abused children that have been awarded to the State and worked counseling the criminally insane and forensic clients. I have been teaching college students for the past five years. I have also been certified by the State of Florida as a provider to counsel Children of Divorcing parents. The parents of these divorcing parents are also required to complete a four hour course. The City of Miami has granted me permission as a provider to conduct Premarital counseling. I also provide Biblical counseling to those in need. Recently the State of Florida department of Vocational Rehabilitation approved my establishment as a vendor for mental restoration. In recent time, I became involved in counseling Human Sex Trafficking victims

Experience & Qualifications

Mental Health, Marriage and Family, Couple Counseling. I am a member of the American Psychological Association, American Psychotherapy Association, The American Association of Christian Therapists and the American Association of Christian Counselors. Board Certified Christian Counselor, Board Certified Professional Counselor, Licensed Domestic Violence Christian Advocate, PAC Waiver for HIV/AIDS victims, Parent, Family Stabilization Therapist, Brain Injuries, Neuropsychological and Psychological testing, Sex Offenders counseling, Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist and a Registered Mental Health. Recently, I became licensed as a Life Coach and a Sex Offender Treatment Specialist.I am an Ambassador advocate for Human Trafficking Victims. I am fluent in English and Spanish. Ask an Expert - Visit my Virtual Office at LivePerson