Ph.D in Clinical Psychology

My Expert Service

Over 30 years experience in helping individuals, couples, parents, children and families. Child, Adolescent, Adults and Elderly. I fully understand the compulsions that drive bulimic behavior and have over 20 years of direct experience in therapy with a wide variety of individuals with eating disorders. Areas of expertise: - ADD/ADHD - Autism - Asperger's Disorder - Eating Disorders - Emotionally Handicapped children - ADD/ADHD concerns - Behavior problems - Children of Divorce/Separation - Academic problems - Learning disabilities - Brain injury - Processing disorders - Conduct and anger control probs. - Chronic anxiety and phobias - Acute and Chronic depression - Personality Disorders - Bipolar Disorder - Relationship/Marital Conflict - Life Coaching/Career Enhancement - Dissociative Disorders - Depersonalization/Derealization - Multiple Personality Disorder - Persistent/Chronic Mental Illness - Substance/Alcohol Abuse Problems

Experience & Qualifications

Fully licensed as a psychologist for 20 years. Specializing in Child Development, Parenting Concerns, Marriage and Family issues, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Abuse, Compulsive Behaviors, Chronic and Persistent Mental Illness, and many more.