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BSc Forestry, MSc Biotechnology, PhD Genetics

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Over 10 Years Experience on Natural Life Style, Fitness, Counselling families, students and individuals. Experise in Natural Farming and innovation and business & technology development.

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Over 10 Years Experience on Natural Life Style and Natural Farming, technology development, scientfic discovery, technology and business development, counselling family and indiviuals. We are personal, family, institutional, small companies and corporate advisor; We provide our services through liveperson.com only; We love to help and serve our honourable clients in their personal, professional and official matters. Be it a relationship problem, business opportunities, job related problem, etc. We are having ability and vast international experience to clearly understand situation and can easily guide you to get a clear vision at various situations in life/business. We are here to listen to you in a humanist way and provide you every possible solution. We are here to help you out at any cost and you only need to be positive and receptive of our advice and counselling. I am having spiritual and scientific way to understand others and guide you. I work for building energies and to make you understand how karma and chakra are useful and problems in life. Lord Shiva will guide everyone and give prosperity and peace in world.