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Level 3 Candidate of CFA Program, M.Com, DCMA, B.Com (Hons), Microsoft Office

My Expert Service

I tender my tutoring and mentoring services to the clients in the highly dynamic field of business and finance. I am an enthusiastic business and finance expert. I have excellent analytical skills to apply my broad knowledge and experience in the subject field. In the field of business management sciences, I can provide you mentoring services in international business, business combinations, multinational operations, organizational behavior, ethics, human resource management, small business management & entrepreneurship, marketing, e-commerce, supply chain management, incremental cost analysis (make or buy decisions, lease or buy decisions, etc), strategic business decisions, making business plans, presentations related to all business activities, economics, pension plans, mathematics, cross cultural studies, sustainable business operations and other management subjects. In the rapidly changing finance world, I have broad knowledge of financial statement analysis, financial reporting and analysis, financial ratio analysis, wealth management, financial accounting, management accounting, advanced accounting, taxation management, corporate finance& investment banking, mergers & acquisitions, capital budgeting, financing alternatives available to corporations, portfolio management, portfolio evaluation and reporting, derivatives and risk management methods, hedging investments through futures and options contracts, swap contracts, banking and insurance, behavioral finance, stock and bond valuations, mutual fund valuation, hedge fund valuation, technical and fundamental analysis of investments, business valuations using comparable company and comparable transaction analysis, venture capital and leveraged buyout analysis, net present value and internal rate of return analysis, payback period analysis, weighted average cost of capital and its components, capital asset pricing model and asset pricing theory (model), discounted cash flow model, dividend discount model, free cash flow analysis, valuations using different business multiples, and many other topics related to the challenging field of finance. I would not compromise on quality. Client satisfaction is my ultimate objective.

Experience & Qualifications

Currently I am a candidate for level 3 of the CFA program, as well as a freelance writer and research analyst. After earning my M.Com degree, I worked as a financial analyst in an organization. I also have a very healthy teaching experience of business management and finance subjects. I had taught more than fifteen hundred business and finance students. Professionally, I am a financial analyst and written many research reports on companies related to many sectors and industries. I have written many projects, research reports and other business & finance papers. I am expert in business, finance, accounting and management field. I can provide quality tutoring and mentoring services related to above mentioned fields and subjects.