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My Expert Service

You may leave your doctors office with many unanswered questions and sometimes with more questions than you went in with. I can answer those questions for you when you do not wish to disturb your doctor with another phone call. You may have some questions about medications that you were prescribed. Also, you may want to consult with me to find out whether your symptoms do warrant a doctor's visit or not. You can check your symptoms with me and I will assess your symptoms and let you know your probable diagnosis.

So if you have any question about any health related issue do not hesitate to contact me, I will clear your doubts and put your mind at ease regarding your health concerns. In addition to providing advice relating to health care I have also been tutoring students online here on Liveperson who have been preparing for their USMLE board exams. So if you have any questions about how to go about your board exams contact me and I will give you useful tips on scoring high on the exam and crushing the boards. If you are having questions or concerns regarding conditions such as:
Abdominal pain
Chest pain
Problems relating to your heart
Weight gain or weight loss
Period problems
Pregnancy questions
Gynecological problems
Stomach ulcers
Any bowel disease
Cancer of any part of the body
Itching or redness or pain in the eyes
Burning or pain during urination
Sore throat, cough or any respiratory infection
Numbness or weakness or questions relating to stroke
Questions related to diabetes
Skin rash
Any type of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) such as HIV, HPV, syphilis, herpes, gonorrhea, hepatitis B and C
Planning to have surgery
Feel free to contact me..... I will provide you with all the information that you need and also provide a SECOND OPINION on any condition that your doctor has already diagnosed.

Experience & Qualifications

I graduated from medical school in 2003. After my graduation I worked as a house officer for one year in a tertiary care hospital. Thereafter I took my USMLE board exams and got my ECFMG certificate in 2007. I got my fellowship degree in Internal Medicine in 2013. In between I have also been working as a general practitioner and have experience in dealing with patients of all age groups and both genders.