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M.D., Ph.D.

My Expert Service

My knowledge and expertise in all areas of medicine, including bariatric medicine, enables me to clearly understand complex medical problems. I am committed to giving you the best expert medical opinion. I will patiently listen to your complaints, and the information you share with me will be treated with strict confidentiality. I respect your concerns. I am compassionate and non-judgmental. Based on your complaints and other information you share in our discussion or electronic communication, you will be given a clear and concise medical opinion that will help you deal with your medical problem(s). Do not pass this opportunity to better understand your health problem(s), including the pros and cons of the various portions of treatment. You deserve to be in control of your health, and that is what I intend to advise you on. Send me an email, log on, chat with me, or call. You deserve the best. Do not hesitate. FREE INITIAL MINUTES!

Experience & Qualifications

Johns Hopkins Fellowship Trained, Certified and Licensed Medical Physician and Surgeon. I have more than a decade experience treating patients in all area of medicine, including bariatric medicine.