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DR easing all pains

DR easing all pains Away
Expert in:
Respiratory Therapy

I can provide valuable opinion on disease of the respiratory system and its treatment modalities


M.B.B.S (Bachelor of medicine & Bachelor of Surgery) with 5 years of clinical experience from Dr. N.T.R University of Health Sciences, India recognized by Medical council of India and A.P Medical council.

My Expert Service

free counters Hi friends! I am from India and I have a Graduate degree in medicine. I am a medical doctor. I have a fair knowledge on all medical subjects including respiratory therapy. I have seven years of experience as a whole dealing with patients on various lung disorders. I can provide excellent opinion on problems of health, related to chest infections. I can also deal with various emergency cases.

Experience & Qualifications

A total of 7 years experience in medical field with 2 years of experience as a medical officer in a multi specialty hospital Attended workshop on ACLS (Advanced cardiac life support)