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Hina Azille MPharm

Hina Azille MPharm Away
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I am a qualified Pharmacist and have a Masters degree in Pharmacy from the University of London where I have extensively studied Pharmacology,so I can easily help academically


Masters in Pharmacy from the School of Pharmacy (University of London)

My Expert Service

I have worked in Pharmacies across London as a Locum Pharmacist, as well as a permanent Pharmacist in outer London. Since marrying and moving to Dominica (West Indies, Caribbean), I have worked part time in the main Pharmacy on the Island, and have dealt with health queries relating to skin, women's health, men's health, common conditions affecting children and infants, and I have advised hundreds of patients on minor conditions affecting people as a whole on a daily basis. I not only recommend conventional therapies for treatment, but also alternative treatment options that have been used and found to be safe and effective.

Experience & Qualifications

- Permanent Pharmacist (Boots, UK) - Locum Pharmacist (Lloyds, Co-op, Boots, Independent Community Pharmacies, UK) - Permanent Part Time Pharmacist (Strange Chemists, UK) - Permanent Part Time Pharmacist (Jolly's, Dominica) - Pharmacist (Bayside Pharmacy, Dominica)