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Medical Education

What I didn't learn in school, was given to me in my practice by patients over the next thirty years. I'd be glad to share what I know. It is what I wanted to know 30 yrs ago.


Doctorate & Post grad studies in physical, mental, spiritual and new-age medicine.

My Expert Service

Prior to graduate studies, I thought a doctor learned how to heal. When faced with my first few patients it dawned on me that my training had not met my original unconscious assumptions regarding healing. In living a life aimed at understanding the true nature of health and healing, I gained some expertise that would defy books, word of mouth, and a formal education. Life and thus healing is a certain orderly movement experienced in unpredictable ways. Life is health.


I have been helping people get well for over thirty years. I have witnessed simple and amazing changes. Health care is much more than the right choice of food, supplements, or hygienic practices. A doctors place is more than providing surgical or medicinal support. Real healing rather than disease treatments, is set in motion by appreciating how who the doctor is in context of the patient and vice versa. Matching energy can bring harmony throughout the whole in an instant, with any delays being a length of time to clear memory. We cling tenaciously to what scares us, and sometimes surrender beauty as if it were everywhere to be found. Well it is. So why cling so tightly to the oddity?



The terms health and life refer to the same thing. What people call ill health is a history of life (past tense), a reflection, a moment lived by memory, a snapshot of life. This is an elusive obvious. Elusive only because we tend to think the reflection we see in the moment is the real thing. Life cannot be seen, quantified or measured. Efforts to pierce this mystery and document the essence of life have and will always defy the scientific mind. We can entertain the past and the future, and we can be mesmerized by them. Life (health), the creative moment, is a singularity with no corollary, and is a spontaneously accessible truth.


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Experience & Qualifications

Intuitive healer, relationship counselor, doctor, with many years experience helping individuals in private practice and public places, in person and at a distance.

Physical and Metaphysical studies in balancing, healing and making whole our relationship with our self, others and our world. Experiential work and studies in physical and none-physical healing.

First hand experience with: Moshe Feldenkrais MD, Reinhold Voll MD, Milton Trager MD, George Goodheart, Robert Mendelson MD, Bernard Jensen, W. Brugh Joy MD, Paul Brenner MD, Patricia Sun, Hal Stone, Krishnamurti, Rupert Sheldrake, Shinzen Young, and practitioners of dental surgery.

Studies of Byron Katie, CG Jung, Wilhelm Reich, Rudolf Steiner, John Caldwell Holt, Mary Baker Eddy, Ida Rolf, Heller work, Weston Price & Francis Pottenger, Stanislav Grof, Albert Ellis, Alexander Technique.