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D-r. Christian MD

D-r. Christian MD Away
Expert in:
Medical Education

MD. Can give my expert advice regarding range of medical conditions and problems, diet and weight difficulties, also medical tutoring and exam preparation (first 5 min. free,


BD in biochemistry.
MD (General practice medicine).

My Expert Service

Medical doctor practicing general practice medicine and have experience working with all categories of patient's, Emergency medicine, General practice medicine. I Work as a family doctor with about 1500 patient's. Also work as a CSI assistant in cooperation with CSI doctors - looking throe medical documentation's and medical history of patent's and giving professional advice. I love contacting with people who have medical problems to find effective, cheap and permanent solution for their problem. I can give tutoring lessons online in various medical topics, preparation for exams, understanding difficult topics etc. Also have experience in medical writing, dissertations, medical projects etc.

Learn more about your condition or take a second opinion about your health, medical problem or general informations about some health problem's.

Chest pain and dyspnea,
Artherial hypertension and heart problems,
Bad circulation in the leg's,
Vertigo, Nausea and Vomiting problems.
Period problems,
Pregnancy questions,
Gynecological problems,
Malingnancy and cancer,
Itching or, redness or pain in the eyes,
Abdominal pain,
Stomach ulcers and bowel disease,
Weight gain or weight loss,
Burning or pain during urination,
Numbness or weakness or questions relating to stroke,
Sore throat, cough or any respiratory infection (asthma, HOBB, bronchitis)
Questions related to diabetes,
Skin rash ,
Questions regarding sexually transmitted diseases (HIV, HPV, syphilis, herpes, gonorrhea, hepatitis B and C)
Questions regarding surgery.

Experience & Qualifications

I work as family doctor and I have expirince in general practice medicine, emergency medicine and working as a CSI assistant.