M.B.B.S , M.D ,Phd

My Expert Service

Hardworking,kindhearted, extensive research, extensive experience, covering most fields of medicine. Provide online and offline counseling services. fast, accurate and to the point discussion. EXPERT IN : MRI, CT-SCAN , ANTENATAL SONOGRAPHY. I AM HERE TO HELP

Experience & Qualifications

Specialize in providing medical consultations over the net. I'll make a diagnosis based on a medical history from your end supplemented by any investigation results or pictures that you might have and provide you with a line of management which you can discuss with your doctor as also prognosticate your disease. I have worked in one of the best institue of my country.. Extensive experience in field of Medicine , Surgery , Gynac , Peadiatric , Emergency medicine ,Radiology , Child care & HIV STDs... I have experience in most fields of medicine with special focus on depression,anxiety, stress management, weight loss, weight management and parenting skills.....