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Doctor of Herbal Medicine

Doctor of Herbal Medicine Away
Expert in:
Diet & Nutrition

I have expertise in diet and nutrition. Even I can guide you about food recipes regarding their nutritional value.


Doctor of Herbal Medicine

My Expert Service

Nutrition play basic role in achieving optimum potential of our body. I have acute sense of nutrition and diet, as herbal medicines are usually part of our food. I can guide you and help you in finding the best diet plan for you. If you are suffering from some disease, you can contact me to consult for the diet plan that can optimize effects of your medicine by supporting your immunity system and building natural resistance against diseases. For women that undergo pregnancy and childbirth my dietary plans can help in coping with many common problems that occur during and after pregnancy. Diabetic patients and heart patients can also contact me for finding the best combination of food that can help in controlling their problem. Moreover, better diet and nutrition taken systematically can act as medicine itself and you can overcome such problems soon. Obese people can seek advice from me. I have special expertise in identifying reason of obesity and solving problem through nutrition and change in dietary plans. I can help you regain your strength in few days without any side effects. Many problems related to mothers giving birth and having not enough milk in breast to feed newborn, can be successfully handled through better food and nutrition. Skin problems and other beauty issues can be discussed with me for perfect and to the point solution. If you feel weakness and lifeless body most of the time due to excessive work, stress, or sleep disorder. I can help you. You will never feel yourself weak and helpless. I do not make claims but I want to share you that I am bestowed with great capabilities to handle your issues. What you need to do is to answer first question session with me to intimate me with your problems and then I will contact you within 24 hours to intimate you your solution with detailed logic and prescription. Moreover, I never leave my patients helpless in selecting food during treatment. I fully intimate you and remain online most of the time so that you can inform me any problem during treatment. I am your doctor and I am Doctor of Herbal Medicine. I am available to help you in all sorts of issues. Cure is from God but I try my best to fetch that for you through herbal medicine.

Experience & Qualifications

15 years clinical experience