Coach Monique

Coach Monique Away
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Health & Medicine

Holistic emotional healing with mind and body techniques. Effective for anxiety, depression, sexual dysfunctions, compulsive behaviour, etc.


BA Psych, Holistic Life Coach, Bach Floral Remedies, NLP Certified practicioner

My Expert Service

I use holistic methods of attuning mind and body for achieving maximum success. My main focus is my client's well being and I have extensive experience with clients and couples of all ages and categories. I am non-judgemental and caring, my clients find it very easy to open up and talk to me. The method I employ has gotten lasting results for anxiety, compulsive behaviour, depression and all spectrum of sexual related disorders.

Experience & Qualifications

10 years experience as Holistic Life Coach. I have worked with many clients: male, female and couples, and have helped them overcome obstacles in their sexual life, marital life, in their personal and professional matters. by removing blockages, helping them accept and embrace their sexuality, teaching them techniques to relax, enjoy and reach their full potential. These may include meditation, visualization exercises, diet, and of course "the talking cure". Thank you for viewing my profile!