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Diploma in Counselling with Merit.
Cosca Certificate in Counselling.
Diploma in Working with Couples & Sex Therapy.
NCFE Safe Handling of Medecines.
Primary Care Training ~ Medication Related Issues in Care.
Primary Care Training ~ Mental Health.
Primary Care Training ~ Dementia for Nurses.
Primary Care Training ~ Infection Control.
Primary Care Training ~ Care of the Bereaved.
Primary Care Training ~ Care of the Deceased.
A.S.E.T ~ Essential Care Practices with Distinction.
Caring & Social Studies Level II.
HNC in Social Care.
NCFE ~ Health & Nutrition.
A.L.M Consultancy ~ Abuse.
A.L.M Consultancy ~ Challenging Behaviour.
A.L.M Consultancy ~ Continence.

Other Awards Listed Below

My Expert Service

Thank you for taking the time to visit my profile page. I hope that you will find the following information helpful.

Experience & Qualifications

I have spent many years working within the care sector, particularly mental health, and for many years owned a residential home for adults who have been diagnosed with mental illness, particularly Schizophrenia, Depresion, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Bipolar, Obsessive Compultion Disorder, Learning Disabilities, Borderline Personality Disorder, Tourettes, Korsacoffs, Alzheimers, Self-Harming, Aspergers Syndrome, and Identity Crisis.

This line of work required me to become familiar with the symptoms, diagnoses and treatment options for many psychiatric problems.

I also have a wealth of experience in alcohol and drug misuse, aggressive and violent behavior, mood swings, poor self-esteem, marginalization, relationship Issues and sexual dysfunction.

Published author in Community Care Magazine, The Journal of Dementia Care, and Jewish Care RoundaBout.


The Keith Matthews Memorial Award for Significant Contribution to the Care Sector.

Highly Commended Trained Manager of the Year Award from Care Choices Carer for Older People Awards.

Community Carer Commendation from CareAware for the Promotion of Public Awareness and Understanding of Mental Health Difficulties and Emotional Distress.

Carer of the Month from Guide2Care and Caring U.K Magazine.