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Excellent listener and logical problem solver. Find the root cause of your issue and heal your subconscious thru trance. Strategies for self healing and dealing with others.


Consulting Hypnotist and Past Life Regressionist with the National Guild of Hypnotists

My Expert Service

I am passionate about solving your problems. We all have a conscious mind and will-power yet many of us have negative habits that we can’t stop and potentials that go unfulfilled. Presenting a logical argument of how to be better to the conscious mind isn’t enough. The root causes of our issues are embedded in the subconscious and that’s where we must find them and resolve them. Hypnosis is an evolved and sophisticated mode of healing that does just that.

Experience & Qualifications

For several years I have been a mentor, writer, researcher and public speaker on psychological topics. Recently I have become a certified hypnotist and past life regression therapist. I specialize in boosting creativity and inventiveness, stopping unwanted habits, stigma and trauma resolution, sexuality and alternate lifestyles and achieving peak performance.

I often use the technique of guided imagery: I analyze your situation and compose for you an allegorical landscape where you embark on a heroic journey and engage in a metaphorical battle with your problems. Recalling these images gives you tools and perspective for both your conscious and subconscious mind to use on your healing journey. These tools are there for you when you need them and they continue to work long after the experience of our session.

I offer fresh insights and new ways of looking at your situation that you might not have considered before. Unquestioned presumptions about who you are and how you fit into your web of relationships can hinder you and stifle your progress. I will show you new ways of looking at things and ways of solving your problems that will allow you to move forward with confidence and without fear. You are not trapped by society and unchangeable facts of your existence, there are many ways forward that will appear once you see them.

I am also an expert on the “difficult people": narcissists, psychopaths, abusers and dominators. I can show you how to recognize them and teach you strategies for escaping them or surviving them without being damaged. Pretending that abusive people don’t exist is a poor strategy for dealing with them.