Aarib Away
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Professional Training

A professional training instructor of CFD Modeling using ANSYS CFX, ANSYS Turbogrid,BLADE Modeler etc.Consult for online training.


MS Mechanical Engineering
Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute (GIKI) Pakistan
BE Mechanical Engineering
University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Lahore

My Expert Service

I am currently working at Muhammad Ali Jinnah as Assistant Professor for last four months previously I was serving in and Public Sector Organization in the areas of Design, Testing and CFD for period of five years. Have experience of CFD modeling of combustion, turbines, compressors and of both internal flow and external flow. I am using tools like ANSYS, ANSYS CFX, Numeca, Gridgen, ICEMCFD Turbogrid and many others for last five years. Have very good expertise in grid generation and CFD modelling as well as modeling Fluid Structure Interaction modeling.
I have conducted three day CFD training twice in Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute on CFD Modelling of combustion and turbomachinary.
I am highly motivated by an insatiable curiosity and a competitive environment. I work well both independently and as a part of a team. In fact, I believe both qualities are necessary for optimal success. I am resourceful and willing to share my knowledge with others as this too, is an important component to moving closer to meeting the goals.

Experience & Qualifications

July 011 to Till Now   Assistant Professor   Muhammad Ali Jinnah University Islamabad
1) Involved in teaching Undergraduate level courses
2) Involved in establishing “Workshop” consisting of
 • Machine shop
 • Welding shop

2010-2011   Assistant Professor   HITEC University Taxila
1) Involved in teaching Undergraduate level courses
 • IC Engines
 • Thermodynamics II
 • Engineering dynamics
2) Involved in establishing
Lab of “IC Engine”
3) Involved in supervising final year projects of topics
 • Design and analysis of turbine for fuel efficient car using ANSYS products. ( i.e ANSYS CFX, ANSYS Blade modeller, ANSYS Turbogrid)
 • Estimation of corrosion rate on Francis Turbine being operated at Terbela Dam Pakistan using CFD technique with help of Turbomachinery module of ANSYS.
 • Design and CFD analysis of vertical wind turbine.
 • Design and optimization for Aerodynamic design of a fuel efficient car

2005-2010   Design and Research   Public Sector Organization


The job involves managing a team of engineers (in the department of Design, Computation and Simulation). The work was research oriented and was based on finalization of design "Computational Fluid Dynamics" and Testing.
  • CFD modelling of Combustion in gas power plants. (Both Liquid a nd Gaseous Combustion)
  • FSI (Fluid Structure Interaction) Analysis of turbine and compressor blades using ANSYS multi physics, ANSYS CFX and Numeca
  • Structure and thermal analysis of turbine and compressor blades
  • CFD modelling of combustion for gas turbine of power plant Using ANSYS CFX and Numeca
  • CFD modelling of combustion using liquid fuel injection Using ANSYS CFX and Numeca
  • CFD Analysis of Turbine and compressor blades using ANSYS CFX
  • Aerodynamic Modelling using CFD.
  • Modelling and optimization of combustor fuel injectors.
2006-2008   Visiting Faculty Member   Islamic International University Islamabad

Job involved teaching following courses to undergraduate students of first semester to final semester
  • Numerical Solutions of PDE’s
  • Calculus
  • Computer Aided Design

Trainings conducted
03 Days   At Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute   (23-04-2010 to 26-04-2010)

  • ANSYS CFX (01 Day)
  • ANSYS Advance meshing tool (ANSYS ICEM) (01 day)
  • Post processing using CFX Post (01 day)

03 Day   At Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute   (03-11-2010 to 06-11-2010)
Training involved a brief introduction to turbo machinery and CFD modelling of turbo machinery in detail.
• ANSYS Turbo Grid (01 day)
Training include mesh generation process on blades of different type of turbines compressors involving tutorials of Meshing of rotor 37 , axial turbine, radial turbine and compressor and francis turbine.
• ANSYS Blade modeller (01 day)
Training includes modelling of different types compressors, turbine and fan blades using ANSYS Bladegen including tutorials of axial compressor and turbine.
• CFD of Turbo machinery using ANSYS CFX (01 day)
Training involved cfd modelling of single stage to multistage fan, compressor and turbine.
  • In-Cylinder Heat Transfer Calculation by Using Heat Transfer Network, VISNIK of EUNU. (2005)
  • Computer simulation of a turbocharged dire