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I am available for instant mentoring, tutoring, guidance and teaching for college, undergraduate and graduate students.


Bachelors in Computer Sciences; Diploma in Political Sciences; Short Courses in American and World History, Psychology and Philosophy

My Expert Service

I have been freelancing and teaching at high school for last 7 years. I am available for teaching, tutoring and mentoring in subjects including Business, USA History, Asian History, English, Psychology, Philosophy, Life sciences, Anthropology, Computer Science, Information Technology, Politics, Social Sciences and Literature. I specifically focus on letting students learn about critical thinking, creativity, innovation and originality. I believe in collaborative and interactive learning.

Experience & Qualifications

I have done my Bachelors and have an experience of 10 years in mentoring and tutoring to the students of all levels (from Montessori to college level); I have worked as Assistant Researcher and Procurer at Research Center; 5+ Years’ experience in teaching high school English.