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FranceseWrites Away
Expert in:
Child Education

Available to give advices on how to approach your child's education


B.S. Psychology with minors in English and Media Studies. Currently working on Masters of Arts in Journalism

My Expert Service

Everyone needs someone to help them and more often then not education is one of those topics that have many answers. I am available to discuss education options as well as how to deal with children of the gifted variety, as well as children with ADHD/ADD or other behavioral issues.

Experience & Qualifications

I currently hold a B.S. in Psychology with a minor in Media Studies and English. Because of my psychology background i am well versed in developmental psychology and can help parents find the correct course of action to dealing with their childrens' educational needs. I have lived with and overcome ADHD and am more then willing to share my experience with parents looking for advice.