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Cantra Mishell

Cantra Mishell Away
Expert in:
Education & Tutoring

An experienced tutor of Biology, Chemistry, English etc. Get fast and correct mentoring of your problems. All school and college students are welcomed. An honest approach.


(1) M.Sc. in Zoology (2) B.Sc. with Zoology, Botany and Psychology (3) F.Sc. with Biology, Chemistry and Physics (4) Participated in many famous and great seminars regarding the issues in Life Sciences. (5) Qualified the Competitive Exams of CSSP and PMS that hold on national and provincial levels respectively.

My Expert Service

All students from grade one to college grade can contact me for an effective tutoring in their different educational problems. I am ready to teach you in many fields like Biology, Chemistry, English, Social Studies, Zoology, Botany, Genetics, Evolution, Ecology, Gene Cloning etc. You can contact me very frankly, if you face any difficulty in these fields. Furthermore, if you feel any problem in your studies, then you can contact me without any hesitation. I can edit, proofread and review the paper written by you. I always meet the deadline very strictly. The students of different classes can be mentored in different subjects. By the grace of Allah, the Almighty, I possess the abilities to use my oral and written communication skills to teach my students. I am ever ready to mentor my respected client, until he/she becomes fully satisfied.

Experience & Qualifications

Frankly speaking, my teaching experience is more than 20 years. At present, I have been working in an ancient and well-reputed educational institution, controlled by the State. Furthermore, I also run a private academy where so many students come and get education. These students belong to different schools and colleges of the district. Previously, I had also taught in a prestigious Army Public School, run under the auspices of the Armed Forces. My father has also been a good teacher. Thus, the passion of teaching runs in my blood. In reality, I had adopted this noble profession, not accidentally, but after a long and deep consideration. No doubt, it has always been a challenge for me to clear the complicated concepts of natural as well as social sciences of my weak and mediocre students. Furthermore, I continuously provide special and untiring services to such students till the whole problem becomes clear to them. I strongly believe in professionalism, honesty and hard work. Teaching is a great art. This art can be understood with the help of an intelligent, dedicated and devoted teacher. Therefore, you can contact me because I possess the same qualities. You can trust my honesty, transparency and dutifulness with respect to my teaching responsibilities and behavior. No doubt, knowledge is a real and great inheritance of all the Messengers of God, thinkers and philosophers. Historically speaking, teaching has been a sacred obligation of the prophets of God. During the current era, it is the duty of teachers to spread the light of knowledge. Hence, you can contact me for an effective and speedy mentoring in your academic problems relating to different subjects. I always meet the deadline given by my Honorable clients. You can trust this statement. Waiting for your sweet and speedy response. May Allah bless you!!! Thank you so much.