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Exceptional level of mentoring service for all those who need guidance under Educations and Tutoring cluster for the subjects of Business, Literature, History, Sociology, HRM.



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I can provide my mentoring services in the areas of Social sciences, Humanities and Business. I am here to provide guidance to my clients who are seeking help in understanding problems and need guidance from a professional mentor. I would love to help all learners to achieve their desired goals through mentoring and professional supervision. I would welcome all my clients to come up with their issues/problems to get guidance from my vast array of mentoring services. I have been mentoring and tutoring in Marketing, H.R.M, History, Communication Studies, I.R., Pol. Science, Sociology, Psychology, Education, Economics and Journalism since 2010. I am an honest expert and to teach honestly, is my ultimate mission. Furthermore, I have many reviews given by satisfied clients all over the world and you can add one of yours too in this list. Good luck !!!!!!!

Experience & Qualifications

I am well experienced in the field of tutoring. I have almost five years of experience in field of teaching. I always rewarded for my keen interest in field of teaching. I was part of different teaching competition through out my graduation. Moreover I have 2 years of experience in writing different articles, columns, scripts, press notes etc.