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English, French, Spanish

Help with Script writing, including analysis of scenes and statistics or proper format. Free chat 3" to discuss your assignment, I dont offer chat services.


BS Psychology Major, University Professor. Author of books.

My Expert Service

Script consultant. Scenes analysis and statistics. Special professional format for your Script. How to write a Script.


Experience & Qualifications

University Graduate w/honors. English/Spanish/French (Intermediate), Russian (Basic). Se habla espanol, te puedo ayudar a traducir. Note: Free estimates up to two-page instructions, however longer instructions will have a cost according to the amount of pages (since it takes time to read them). a) If after the analysis of the work, I conclude is not my field of expertise you will not be charged, since I will not give you a quotation for it, therefore I will cancel the "hire" status. b) If after the analysis and my quotation you hire me for the work, I will reimburse the amount you paid for this analysis from the price I quoted you. In this way, I am sure your request is serious; you already have an account set with Kasamba and know the accepted methods of payment. This only applies to requests with instructions LONGER THAN TWO PAGES. All others remain free. Please send just the general requirements in short first ;>)