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Resume writing should be free of fluff; old fashioned writer; everything Old becomes NEW again!


No official college but am old school where we were expected to know more than those do today!!

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tip: Always keep your resume on one page (one double sided, if necessary). It is best to create a rough draft of all your details and then submit that to me. I have great success in cleaning up my clientele's drafts/resumes. A meat and potato strategy for resume writing:

I must reiterate: Always keep resumes on one page (ONE double sided if needed).

Remember, the reader/employer goes through many resumes per day and will discard those resumes that are too lengthy and full of fluff, rather than the meat and potatoes of details.

Be sure your resume is void of grammar, and spelling errors! <--(This is where I come in!) Those too will be discarded. Keep your tenses (verbs) uniform; if you start out by stating "writing" of college papers and your next line is "editing" and you state "editor" instead; change both writing and editor to either "writer and editor" or "writing and editing."

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