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Entertainment Master

Entertainment Master Away
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Published poet who is also an executive in the entertainment industry.


Business Administration

My Expert Service

I have over 3,000 poems, scripts, songs, lyrics registered in various markets globally and have several albums of poetry and music either on the market or in pre-production. I am a video producer with global credits. I've produced, directed major stars. I am an expert at script writing, storyboards, location scouting, pre-production planning, casting, directing, choosing camera, lighting, gaffer, grip, special effects equipment and crews. I am an expert video editor that is able to capture, add cuts, transitions, computer graphics/text, credits, soundtracks. I am also a credited music producer, with some engineering background also. Further, I am extremely versed in the music business, business generally, marketing, advertising, publicity, e-commerce. I am also experienced in radio and television production and was Production Director with FM radio station. Also, briefly worked as executive in publishing industry. I can help you: * Write your script * Create your storyboards * Decide on budget and crew (above the line and below the line costs) * Choose locations, props, wardrobe * Organize your casting calls * Decide and write your soundtrack (mix, master, etc) * Create a brand behind your production * Script doctoring * Choose dance styles for your venture * Show various industry tips and tricks * Advise on ways and places to sell your idea or completed product/master * Help advise on investor packages, media kits, business plan, etc * Edit or give editing advice * Plan and organize your premiere and related promotional events * Give advice on intellectual property (copyrights, servicemarks) * Market, promote and get publicity for your venture

Experience & Qualifications

Certified TV studio producer Film festival award Song writer award (Co-writer) Credits with major and minor record companies Former Radio and TV Executive