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Evoke attention? Yes. Hold the reader's interest? Of course. Captivate the audience? You betcha. Regardless of the subject, I will make your journalism piece shine.


BA from Boston University, Gotham Writers Workshops

My Expert Service

We all know there are many writers out there. So... why would you ever consider working with me? Please let me elaborate. First of all, I love sentences, words and the feelings that they veil. I have a feel for language, I love finding the perfect word or line and I always try to find it, no matter what it takes. I spent years and years sharpening and honing this skill and I can put it to work for you right this second. My work will never be generic. It will have personality. But it will be your personality. Whatever you want it to be, we’ll find it and build it from ground up. It will be beautiful… However, just because I know how to write does that mean I could help you? Sure, some people could write well for themselves… but can they help someone else do the same? Good question. My answer? Some people can write. Other people can help others write. I can do both. Why? Because I figure out what style, plot, or feel you want… and then I go for it. It doesn’t sound very complicated and it’s not. Are you looking for romantic? Scary? First person or third person? Short, laconic sentences that would make Hemingway proud? Or elaborate constructions that Tolstoy would marvel at? Whatever it is, I can and will make it work for you. You are paying your hard earned money for this. So it has to be you. And you it will be. What don't I do when I work? I don't beat around the bush, waste my and your time on hollow phrases, empty adjectives or disorganized paragraphs. I write clean sentences using concrete terms in neatly organized paragraphs that speak to the point. If the reader is not mesmerized in the end, it’s all worth zippo. But that won’t happen if you work with me. In summary I’d just like to say that I can help you produce work that not only flows like water but interests, stimulates, and mesmerizes the reader. Work with personality. I’m only satisfied when you are. I will go above and beyond to deliver results. And I will not stop short an inch of that goal. If you are still not sure, please view writing samples below: “Cynical.” I socked him in the eye again. He threw a few punches but kept missing. I swung again and again, perforating his face in a lashing blizzard of blows. It was a blur. Pig struggled to turn over; he wanted to escape the carnage but he was too fat. The rest of the group gathered around and observed our friendly exchange with sincere enthusiasm. I kept going to work on Pig’s face until I heard her voice. “Sensitive” Then the waiter went over to the chubby manager and whispered something to him. I got really curious about what he was saying; it’s like I wasn’t even hungry anymore, imagine? Then my salad arrived. It was very fresh and tasty, with lettuce and tiny fishes, I think they’re called anchovies. Yum! I sat and nibbled on it for a while, looking at the people in the window. Then I paid my bill, took the rest of the salad to go and walked outside. Brrr. I was shivering in the cold. Then I heard this terrible screaming. I looked up and saw that cute guy in the window fighting with his girlfriend. He seemed so mean. I didn’t think I liked him anymore after that. Not even a little. But I still like tall guys. I don’t think they’re all mean. I hope not. Poem (Punctuation is missing – that is intentional) Across the sky I opened my eyes slowly And saw you walk away I never thought such pain inside Would burn me in this way Please tell me why you’ve met me If not here to forever stay I want my life to burn out If you don’t light my day So look across the sky! The stars are sparkling bright They shine for us tonight And not a cloud in sight Please tell me that you love me And I won’t let you go Take my hand and hold it Until we leave this show So look across the sky! The stars are sparkling bright They shine for us tonight And not a cloud in sight

Experience & Qualifications

I have experience writing and editing anything form short stories and novels to business plans and proposals. With fiction specifically I can help you with the following: -- Picking the right main and supporting characters to achieve the desired dramatic effect. -- Work with both action driven plots and character development driven plots. a.) Action driven -- making sure the action is structured in a way that interests and grabs the reader. b.) Character development driven -- Make sure that character development is believable, interesting and at least a little unpredictable. -- Making sure the plot is tight and the story never loses vigor. -- Evaluating the flow, sentence structure and execution. --Poetry. -- Any other fiction or non fiction work. Remember! You work with me... you WILL be satisfied.