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Creative Writing

In need of a creative tutor? Often times it is just a lack of organizational focus that keeps the student from performing at the utmost..


Although I have no formal degrees from institutions of higher education, I began aiding college students with my children who are fully grown now. This extended to friends of my children and then friends of friends and ultimately to those in need here, where my ratings and feedback speak for themselves.

My Expert Service

My expertise lies in mentoring the student in editing including grammar, spelling, sentence structure and content, depending on the subject at hand. Then the student creates his or her own work and feels good about doing so.

Experience & Qualifications

Private tutor - advisor - mentor: my high school degree (which back in the day was almost the same as a college degree) has provided me with the background in grammar to help guide the student. My life's experiences have also given me great insight into the interpretations of poetry and other forms of expression. I have found that there are those with a gift of seeing beyond the written word and those who lack this gift - I am fortunate to have been given this ability.